How do you get to be a "Master Knitter"?

:knitting:Hi, As I’m sitting here knitting and typing I started to wonder how one becomes a “Master Knitter”? Do you have to go to a special school? Can you do it through the mail? How many years on the average does a person knit before doing this.? How long does it take and why would someone want to do it?
If anyone anwering this is a master knitter, has it helped in your professional life, ie: working for a magazine or some such thing?
Just curious! (we need a “curious” icon!)

This is all I know about it - it’s a program offered by the Knitting Guild Association.

Master Knitter Program

I’ll bet there are master knitters on this board, anyone?

Thank you! That was very helpful. I certainly have a lot to learn before I would even try Level I, but it seems like it would be alot of fun to do!

I am currently doing the Master Knitter program with TKGA. It is a correspondence course. I started with Basics, Basics, Basics and went on the Level 1, I passed Level 1 and I am now in the process of doing Level 2. There is no time limit for doing the different levels. You go at your own speed. I am doing this because I wanted to improve my knitting. The program makes you research all the different techniques you use in the levels. You must cite references when you do your swatch. For instance in level 1 you have to do increases and decreases. They tell you which ones to do. You have to tell them where would you use these techniques. The different levels also have different projects that you must complete. In Level 2 I have to complete an argyle sock, a vest, and a Fair Isle mitten.

That is why I would like to do it eventually, so I can improve my knitting and find out if I’m doing it correctly. The program sounds like fun!

will all the master knitters please respond… I know there’s several in our KH I bet Amy is one!!!

I would do it, but it costs so much!

i think it sounds fun.

So why do you have to pay someone to know you are a “master kntter?” Shoot, I know what my kniting is, I dont need to pay someone for that.

Sorry, I’m a little bitter about this program. :roll:

You have to pay to do it?

Yeah, it’s EXPENSIVE! :shock:
You also have to pay to be a member of the guild, because the classes are only available to guild members.

Here are the prices I saw on the website:
[B]Basics, Basics, Basics - $85.00[/B]
[B]Mosaic Knitting - $150.00[/B]
[B]Professional Finishing - $195.00[/B]
[B]Master Hand Knitting Level 1 - $90.00[/B]
[B]Master Hand Knitting Level 2 - $95.00[/B]
[B]Master Hand Knitting Level 3 - $100.00[/B]

Wow I didn’t even know you could become a master knitter. hmm very interesting. i’m addicted enough that i just might be interested enough to do it. is anyone on here a master knitter?? oh and what’s the website?

Yes you have to be a member of the guild but the membership fees includes a subscription to Cast On magazine.

I am planning on doing this program in the near future, when I can do it financially. And really, once you have your membership its just the cost of the individual course, you don’t have to pay all 3 steps all at once.

And I’m not doing this because of anyone’s approval for how my knitting is. I want to improve my knitting. And I want honest, professional opinions on how to do so. From what I hear they are very kind and objective. I’m very much looking forward to the process.

So, once you become a “master knitter”, then what? What do you get from the program other than a title?

Don’t worry Femmy, I feel the same way. I’m a master knitter at least in my own head. :wink:

If I had known how to knit when I was younger, I would have definitely been interested in this.

But now, with pain in my hands and elbows, I can only knit for short periods. Also, I have to keep fluid motion, so I can play organ and piano at church on Sundays. If I knit too long, I start to get stiff. :pout:

You are a master knitter in MY head too! :notworthy:


I’ve never knitted socks before and seriously are thinking about it, and saw your tutorial. I think you are definitely are a master knitter!! :cheering::cheering:

Oh Pffft! Thanks you two. :blush: