How do you get comfortable to sit and knit at lys?

I always feel intimidated I have to buy something in order for me to feel ok to join their table… :oops:

At my favorite LYS I will sometimes knit while I look but if I want to sit down and knit I do. Do what I did, get to know the people at your LYS, make friends and if you still feel you have to buy something then buy something small.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

At mine, you can just come in, sit down, and knit. You don’t have to buy anything.

It should be okay to just sit and knit, but you might want to ask. All of the seating at my LYS is reserved for the older customers. Younglings (aka college students and such) have to sit on the floor. :pout:

I asked the first time I was there, and they said I could come in and sit anytime, they’re really friendly!

A couple of my favorite LYS here in Portland have cafes. So when I don’t want to buy yarn, etc., I can just get a chai latte or something.

Well, you’re lucky.

Mine’s two doors over from Starbucks, and they welcome us to pick up drinks on the way in. I’ve been in lots… first couple times I was uncomfortable, but they always want to see what I’m working on, so I don’t always stop by just to get a yarn fix :wink:

Mine has TWO knit nights, but I haven’t gotten brave enough to attend alone yet. I’m no help… :teehee:

Honestly, I would just ask. I would imagine that most places are really cool about it and encourage people to just “sit and knit” because eventually, one of the times they’re in, they will buy something. I know how intimidating it can be, though. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Mine actually encourages coming in to sit and knit, and they had a Knit Night once, but I didn’t go. Sounds fun, though.

Can I just tell you how LUCKY y’all are! I don’t have an LYS store in my city. So, I knit by my lonely every Sunday.

Enjoy yourselves!

It’s really laid back at my LYS. I usually go on Saturday. We have all ages that come in and knit. We have a great bunch of people. Plus, we have food! The owner sometimes prepares lunch us. Some of the other knitters bring in goodies too.

ya’ll are so lucky. My favorite LYS is so jam packed with yarn and a small corner with beading and jewelry making stuff that there is seriously no room to knit. I can’t even bring in an umbrella stroller for my youngest because it’s so packed in there.

The other one I like in the next town over has an ok selection and a table in the back for knitters, but there is always this creepy guy sitting there with some sort of loom. I’m a very social person and can strike up a conversation with anyone, but he creeps me out and I don’t even go to that corner of the store any more :pout:

The LYS I’ve just found doesn’t have any room for sitting…and even if they did I don’t think I would, they weren’t too friendly when I went in for my yarn swap stuff :pout:

Here’s my philosophy. Go ahead and sit down and knit…Most knitter’s want to see what you are knitting and laugh and talk loud. If you don’t buy anything now, don’t worry, you eventually will.

Some days you knit and buy and some days you just knit. Believe me the temptation not to take home some of the new yarns is just too much.

Mine has one KNIT NIGHT each week and one KNIT LUNCH each week. Same day and time every week. Usually the same core of people attend, but others, like me, go once every 3 or 4 weeks. It is a great way to meet other knitters and see what they’re doing. Plus my one of the owners, who is always at these “meetings” is fantastic about helping.

mine has a Knit Night on Thursdays (which I want to attend but decided I can’t miss my Thursday night tv, and I don’t have Tivo or DVR) and Tea and Sympathy on Sunday afternoons. I might go to the Sunday one sometime. I don’t know anyone there, but the 3 owners and the 1 salesperson I met are really nice, so it’s just a matter of me mustering up the guts to go. I doubt (if I ask) that they’re going to tell me that I have to buy something, or only stay and knit if I use one of their yarns, but I’m still a bit nervous about that.

I have 2 lys that I use (and one I do NOT)
the closer of the two has ZERO seating in the store except on knitting nights (Wednesday and Thursday starting at 6:30)
on these nights they SMOOSH their stock back against the walls, and fit chairs in the middle of the back of the store
If you HAPPEN to find you NEED something, there is at least one sales person to sell you what you need, but you cannot go in to just buy stuff, you are expected to sit and knit, and talk, and help each other (or ask for help)

the other one (Socks) is a few miles further in the other direction
she has an after school knit in for school kids once a week (home schooled kids tend to arrive an hour or so early), and she has another knitters night, but I can never remember what night so I do not even try to make it in there (YET)
BUT she also has 4 chairs in the store at all times, with a small table in the middle, and another off to the side with a display of books. Hers is a place that feels VERY comfortable for people to just go hang in, I tend to buy something when I M there, but when I don’t she understands. I have also been there and offered to make CPB out of Skeins of yarn, and i am a bit faster than half as fast as her ball winder, and I can do Boulche or irregular thickness yarns like her ball winder cannot.
I am valued even when i do not spend ODDLES and Oodles of money