How do you fix something after it's off the needles?

I’m really discouraged. I made a lovely poncho for my daughter. It is knit all in garter stitch, just two rectangles put together. I fringed it and even made a cute rosette for the front. Anyway, here is the delemma: It was all done. It looked great. She wore it to school today and now there is a big run on the front. It looks to be in an area where I do recall dropping a stitch- but I also recall finding it and fixing it. The run is about 6 rows long and maybe 3-4 stitches wide. What a mess. How can I fix this? :frowning: Sorry I can’t post a picture but I’m hopeful that you can imagine it.

I’m still new at this and this project took me the longest plus I was excited to make something for my daughter to actually wear. Additionally just this week I had some other knitting difficulties, but all on things that I could do over. I was goinging along great and then suddenly I’m having difficulties, so I feel less than enthusiastic all of a sudden.

fixing mistakes

You can fix the runs with a crochet hook, but with garter, you’ll have to work one stitch from the front and one from the back, since you essentially have a knit row and a purl row as the work faces you. Sometimes it’s easiest to flip the work over rather than to work from the back. The video shows stockinette stitch, though.

As you fix the stitches, you’ll be able to see if they’re right or not.
Temporarily secure all the stitches with a stitch holder or strand of yarn and work one at a time with the crochet hook. When you get to the edge, sew the loops to the edge with some yarn to secure them.

If it’s any consolation, as soon as I think a project is going great and error free, the fates make sure I don’t get to sure of myself. :rollseyes: