How do you dye yarn? Any tips/info etc.? :) Thanks!

How do you dye yarn? Very Happy I bought a few skeins of this tussah silk yarn in “natural” (thinking I’d dye it) and of course! lol (I don’t know how! lol).

Can I use kool aid to dye silk??? Is kool aid really an effective dye? (can yo
u use food coloring as a sub. for kool - aid???)

Also… How do you get pretty/ multi hues like yarn in the pic??? Any tips for that??? Thanks! Very Happy

Any tips etc. from experience yarn dyers APPRECIATED! Very Happy

I’m pretty sure you can only use koolaid on animal fibers… course wool comes from a worm, that’s an animal, right?.. :??

Gee, aren’t I helpful :roflhard:

Mmmm. Yeah (silk you mean? no wool?) comes from an animal. lol I think? all organic/ natural??? fibers can be dyed with kool aid and the like??? or??? :wink: :slight_smile: Yes, you are “VERY” helpful. :teehee: lol. :wink: