How do you Dye a Center Pull Ball?

I was watching a video on spinning exotic fibers and the instructor pulled out a ball of yarn that she said she had dyed while it was a center pull ball. How do you do that? This thing looked awesome. Maybe it was my TV but it looked like she squeezed a gazillion colors into this thing and it looked great. How does one do that without getting mud?

Thanks for any help-

ooohhh i’d like to know how too - dying while still in a ball, neato!

[color=indigo]I’ve dyed one half in one color…just plunked it in a small bowl of dye and then repeated on the other half with another. One could also inject dye with a syringe or turkey baster into the center of the ball. In fact several colors could be injected that way. It would definitely be a leap of faith…but then alot of experimentation is that way. :teehee: Once the dye sets, one could either let it dry still in a ball, or carefully unwind on a niddy noddy and then let dry, which of course would be much much faster.[/color]