How do you do this?

THis is from

the pattern reads:

Round 1: *p2, skip first st and k into second stitch, then k into first and slip both off the needle; repeat from *
Rounds 2-4: *p2, k2; repeat from * across round

So if you skip a stich I’m presuming it’s still on the left hand needle so that when you knit the next stich on the left hand needle you can go back and knit it but then when you slip them both off, do you slip them purlwise together? or knitwisw separately :??

What they want you to do is in reality make a kind of cable with two stitches. You could put the first stitch on a cable needle and do it that way, but what a waste of time. Knit the second stitch from the end of the needle, don’t slide anything off, knit the first stitch and then slide them both off together. Clear? :thinking: (it is clearer now that I edited it!)