How do you do 3 color knitting in the round?

how do you do 3 color knitting in the round? i am trying to make this hat

The easiest way is to carry the colors all the way around with you. That’s how I do it anyway.

I’d work the white area as intarsia and then dupe st the black edging when you’re done. You’d have separate skeins of the gray on either side of the white until you resume all gray rounds.

I would definitely use intarsia for the white part of this pattern as well. Check out the intarsia how to video on this site, under the Intarsia Knitting section.

You could do the black as intarsia, also. Or as a duplicate stitch after you finish knitting. From the picture, it looks like the original is done with the black as a duplicate stitch. Here is an excellent tutorial on duplicate stitch (though I’m not a super fan of the finished sweater…).


I forgot to mention, when you’re knitting intarsia, you want to knit flat.

There is a technique for knitting intarsia in the round.


It’s possible to knit intarsia in the round but it’s a bit difficult. I like carrying the colors around to maintain an even thickness throughout the hat (just my personal preference).

As you can see there is always more than one way to do something in knitting :rofl:

Ah, Kris, that technique is a simple (if purling is simple) solutions or you could Knit Back (left handed knitting) without turning the work. Then slip the second row of intarsia color and resume knitting with the main color.


Thank You so much! ive been wanting to make this for my chiropracter for so long and now i can!:woohoo:

Even easier, if you don’t want to deal with the intarsia ITR tech, you could make the entire cap in whatever bg color, and then dupe st the vert design in its entirety. It would appear somewhat embossed being it would sit slightly higher than the bg sts.

so when i do the in the round intarsia, do i need to make two gray bobbins or will i just cary the gray across the back of the white?

If you carry the unused color around, it isn’t intarsia, it is stranding. There is a fair isle technique (for stranding) that weaves the unused color on the WS to keep the floats short and prevent snags. I’ve done this, but it was a flat piece.

Mason, do you use the fair isle technique?

If I am correctly visualizing the intarsia in the round method that Kris posted about, then you could do it with one strand of each white and grey. If you do the black, that would need two bobbins, or maybe three.

If you use DPNs, I can see the white being all on one DPN.

I’d have to try this first.

k around in grey, stop at point to start white and join the new color.
k across the number of white stitches, then p back on WS.
Pick up grey and p back around (WS) to the far end of white, then k around RS to the white area.

That technique would work most rounds with small adjustments when grey moves one or more stitches into the white (or vise versa).

The trouble I see is you need to do something (like wraping the stitch with the other color) where the color changes to prevent a hole in the work.

Any experienced knitters care to coment on that conjecture of mine?


Mason, do you use the fair isle technique?

I use fair isle (which is a specific technique) and stranding in general.