How do you decide HOW MUCH to buy?

I see a lot of posts showing yarn people have bought on the spur of the moment (not for a specific project) and am just wondering how you decide HOW MUCH of a yarn to buy? I like knitting things like sweaters but, being a big girl, that is a lot of yarn to buy everytime I see something I like…I want to branch out and try some different yarns and am just wondering how you decide how much to buy so you don’t end up short when you finally pick a project for it? I don’t want a bunch of odd ball skeins lying around never to be knit, but am drooling over so many different options out there…do you always have a project in mind when you buy? Do you just plan a small project for new yarns to try them out? Or do you try to keep in the same weight/type so you can combine them up in a project? Just wondering…:think:

I usually buy what I can afford- which is usually 2-3 skeins, which hopefully will be enough for some sort of project. I tend to find a project for the yarn rather than the other way around…

I’m hopelessly addicted to Little Knits bag sales, so I sometimes just buy a bag of whatever for a future shawl. Then there’s sock yarn…one can never have enough. And, of course, if I’m buying yarn for a specific project I buy the amt that is called for plus one ball.

You probably saw my post with the yarn pOrn… Well, i usually have a project in mind when i buy my yarn. I’m living in a place where there isn’t any good yarn at all, so i buy online without the chance to fondle anything, so i read reviews about the yarn, look for a project and then buy. It’s not economical for me to buy little amounts because of the shipping prices. This particular yarn i bought was my first handpainted yarn and i was so fascinated that i had to have it :shock:. I also like sweaters and they are expensive to knit, so i look for big sales (like at Webs from time to time) or eBay. HTH

It’s easy. Divide how much money you have by the price of the yarn and that tells you how much to buy. Just be sure to allow for shipping charges :lol:

I generally buy enough for a sweater if I don’t have anything specific in mind, but will buy less if I know it’s for a scarf or hat or something smaller.

I love the Little Knits bag sales, too.

BTW, don’t really use me as an example. I’m hopeless.:shifty:

:roflhard: I love it! That’s the perfect method :thumbsup:


OK - Mason - that is a sure fire method for me to get into trouble :roflhard:

Ingrid - I think I am heading down the same path as you - There are SO many sweaters out there I want to knit that I just keep buying yarn for them…I think I have to find some smaller project ideas that entice me…but I’m not a hat/scarf/gloves person :?? Working on my first pair of socks so I’ll see how I like that…

Oh dear, so much yarn so little time! :thud:

I like reading about how other knitters’ minds work!

i usually have a vague idea what i will probably knit it into. i too just ordered 2 hanks of MCY, it’s bulky wieght, but i am thinking a scarf and matching hat :shrug: if i just want to try a yarn out, i still will buy enough to make a hat or scarf (if i don’t like it, i can always gift the FO) so 1 or 2 balls. HTH

When I buy blind (that’s what I call it), I’ll usually buy 3-4 skeins. I think you should have a project idea for anything larger. I’m a big girl also and I’d have to have a pattern before I bought a large amount of yarn for a wearable.

Is there such a thing as enough?

I always buy enough for a sweater, period. Which for me, is usually about 7-10 4 oz. skeins. Except if it’s sock yarn. Then I buy 1 or 2 skeins.

i’m on a fairly small budget, so i tend to buy 2 at a time. you can always make a pair of socks from two balls of yarn.

if i have a specific project in mind, i buy that yardage, plus one extra, just in case.

i really enjoy downloadable patterns, so i keep those in the back of my mind when i come across a good sale.

It depends on how much it is really. We live on a budget so at the moment I’m only buying yarn that I think it a REALLY good bargain so generally I’ll get between 1-4 skeins unless it’s in a mixed bag lot or something.

If I see a new yarn that I like the look of… I might buy only 1-2 skeins… either to just swatch, make the front of a cushion, or a scarf with… that way, if I find I like the yarn, then I’ll buy MORE! :wink:

I know this is anathema, but I don’t have a yarn stash!!! :passedout:

It originated because of a problem with space, but now it just seems more practical to me.


:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: Silly Girl!

I usually have a running thing in my head that I know I need 2 balls of cotton for that bag in One Skein, for example. Usually I only buy if I have a project in mind. I have quite a few of the One Skein type books so usually there are a few projects I “need” yarn for.
Notice how need is in quotes. :smiley:

Have you seen this link?

I buy a sweater quantity…nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect pattern for a yarn an dnot having enough and not being able to find more.

Oh!! Nik-I haven’t seen that link before - that is GREAT! Thank you so much, it is printed and will find permanent residence in my bag for those impulse buys! :happydancing: