How do you custom fit socks?

I just follow the pattern for basic socks, but they are too big for me…not lenghthwise, but around my foot. Is there a way to compensate for this??? I am sure that maybe there is, but I am not clever enough to figure it out!


I change to a smaller needle when I get to the foot. I have a long skinny foot. I’m sure other’s will have some great idea’s too. :slight_smile:

Where exactly is it loose? The arch? I would do more decreases after picking up the heel stitches to make it smaller, but I also like Indygirl’s suggestion of decreasing needle size.

:thumbsup: I agree…you can go down a needle size, pick up less for the gusset, or do more decreases…I have also found that a short row heel makes the sock fit me better than a sock with gussets…

Those are great tips. I’d also bet the real answer is to keep knitting pair after pair until you get your exact comforty size! Some of my socks have been too little, the opposite. Also, if you can try them on at different points, that will tell you if you need to decrease.