How do you create a KAL button?

you know like the ones you see in people sigs for year of the stash, winter wonderland, oddball knitting, etc.

i need to make one for a chemo cap KAL


You need an image editing program. I used Jasc PSP7 to make the scarf KAL button.

Most or all computers have at least some kind of image editing program. The most common would be MS Paint. You can open an image with the program and using a text tool add text to the image. Or whatever else you wanted to do.

ok, so i either draw the picture with paint, or find a picture and add the text to it?

if so, how do i resize it afterwards?

Ok, i’ve made 2 “buttons.” please some1 give me your opinion on which on looks better! here they are:


Hi there,

i prefer the second one.

thanks, i was leaning towards that one, and my sis votes #2 as well, i’ve just got to figure out how to resize it!

I vote #2 as well! :smiley:

My vote is for the second one as well.

**Note: To keep yourself safe from copyright issues, you may want to make sure you have written permission to use the photo, that is - if you don’t own the rights to the photo. :wink: Just my two cents … :thumbsup:

ditto on #2! :thumbsup:

I vote the second one as well. WTG.

if you made it in paint, I don’t think you can resize it there. There are websites on the net that allow you to upload the photo and resize it, you can try googling it.

thank you for the tip! i left a comment on the blog i got it from, and i’m waiting for a reply. :wink:

oh, and i used HP Image Zone to resize it, so here is the smaller version:

You most certainly can resize using Paint!:mrgreen:

Edited to add: On the menu, >Images>Stretch/Skew and put in matching percents for the stretch and skew.

ugh, its still looks too big! yet ANOTHER smaller pic:

i think this size would be most appropriate for a signature, but now the words look too small :doh:

:noway: no way! i’ll definetly use that in the future! thank you!

I prefer the second one