How do you CO for a double knitting project? >>

I’ve watched part of Amy’s video, but I need to know how to get started.

I really just want to make a double knitted square with no design right now. Just to see if i can get the hang of it.

thanks in advance!

In that case, just co as you normally would, use an even number of sts. Then do every row k1, sl1. When it’s as long as you want, bind off.

So cast on using two threads, then, for R1, hold two threads together and k the first color and slip the second? And R2, k the slipped stitches and slip the knitted ones?

I thought you were going to use one color. Yes, I think that’s how you do it, I’ve only done a single color. The CO instructions for the heart hot pad which uses 2 colors read:
" I like a two color cast on. You can do a Long-Tail Cast-on with both strands of yarn worked as if they were one strand. Then work each strand as its own stitch on the first row. If you Cast on this way, then Cast-on 30 of these double stitches, to end up with 60 workable stitches. Or you can use a single backward loop cast-on in one color; which is what is pictured in the photo, and demonstrated in the project video on the KnittingHelp CD. Cast-on 60 stitches in this case."