How do you change the title of a thread? - UPDATE! THANKS FOR TEACHING ME!

I’ve noticed that people often begin a thread with one title, then - as circumstances change - go back and edit the thread to have a new/updated title. How do they do that? I’ve tried just clicking “edit” on the original post, but that doesn’t allow you to edit the title, just the body.

Anybody know?

You can click the edit button on the lower right corner of your post…then click go advanced…and change it that way :thumbsup:

[COLOR="#300090"]Awe, rats, Dustin be me to the answer. :sad:

But I knew it was to use the go advanced button after you edit the first post.

Is there a prize for second place? :wink:

–Jack [/COLOR]

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, ADVANCED! that explains why I couldn’t figure it out…:aww:



I was wondering the same thing. This will help me once I make a thread. Thanks too. :thumbsup: