How do you change a hank to skein of yarn that can be used?

How do you change a hank to a skein of yarn
thanks :??

Best bet is to open the hank to a big circle and lay it around two chairbacks and take a lenghth of it off and make a center pull ball (amy has a video on that), or have a patient friend hold the opened hank around their hands.
This topic’s been addressed a lot so do a search and I bet you’l find a lot of tips. If possible, take it to your LYS if you have one and see if they would wind it for you, no headache!

I got a ball winder for $35 or so and wound my hanks of lovely summery cotton!! I like the idea of putting it on the chair back I am gonna try that next time. What I did was use a round laundry basket (Since I didnt want to shell out 70$ for a swift). I turned the basket upside down , opened out the hank around it , and patiently wound it up:)

A lot of yarn stores will wind it for you when you buy it there. Never hurts to ask.

A good tip if you already have a winder and want a more freely spinning item to lay your hank on it to lay it on a lampshade and loosen the nut on top so it spins… a shade shaped like / \ is what you need

OMG!! That is such a clever idea!!! Thank you. I normally use either a chair back or my knees. I hate it! I am so going to use the lampshade idea. I think I’ll use one that I don’t actually use anymore though. Mom would kill me if I used one of her good lamps. LOL!