How do you cast on beginning of row and new yarn colour?


I am new to knitting. How do you cast on at a beginning of a row also keeping the stripe colours correct? i.e. I have just finished the previous stripe in main and need to change to contrast yarn.

If I cast on new stitches at the beginning of this next row in contrast won’t that mean the main and contrast are together in one row?

The pattern says:

Keeping stripes correct, shape sleeves.
Cast on 47 sts. at beg. of next 2 rows.

Can anyone help?
(Each stripe is actually 4 rows altogether)


Use a knit CO and you’d probably do it in the contrast color because you work across the cast on sts, so you’d want it all in the new color. The CO doesn’t really make its own row, it would just be part of the row that’s knit into them.

Thanks. So once I have CO 47 stitches in contrast onto the left needle. Would I then knit across the whole row (which would be 47 contrast and remainder in main?)

Have I got the right idea here?

And because the stripe is in stockinette. I would then do the next row like this too but in pearl?

Yes, you’ve got it. Knit across the entire 47sts and then purl back (unless the pattern says to do something else). This will firmly attach the cast on sts and make them part of the rest of your knitting. Don’t worry about the cast on row color because it will probably be hidden in the sleeve seam anyway. Hope the sweater goes well. Enjoy knitting it!

Yes, knit the new sts and the original ones, then if you’re to CO at the beginning of the next row, you can do that with knit CO too, and purl all the sts. The CO won’t show as knit or purl really, and it’ll be in the seams of the sleeve.