How do you buy yarn?

So here is my problem. I love yarn. Love it so much that I just want to buy it whenver I see something pretty I like (ok, so not so much of a problem yet :teehee: )

The real problem is that when I see something I like, and it isn’t for a planned project, I hardly ever actually buy it bcs I don’t know what I will end up using it for. So if I buy some, and it isn’t enough, then the dye lots won’t match if I go back to get more (and that is assuming the shop even has more of what I need!) or I buy waaaaayyy too much and then have a couple of balls left and don’t know what to do with them.

So far having this issue has kept my stash rather small, bcs most everything I have bought is slated for a particular project.

So I guess I want to hear how you all decided what to buy and how much if you don’t have a particular project in mind for a certain fiber that you like…

unless i have a specific project in mind for what i am buying (which is rare really :oops:) I always buy two. I don’t make sweaters and things like that so i don’t have to worry about getting more for that.

and then i just wait for those two skeins to tell me what they want to be! :thumbsup:

It’s always better to buy too much!

If you have extras, then you can use something like the One Skein Wonders book for stash-busting projects.

You could also do a stripey scarf or bag or something when you have less than a skein.

I always buy 600-1200yds. That way I have enough for most tanks, sweaters, or baby blankets. You can always swap extras.

When I shop for yarn–I typically go intending to buy for a certain project and come home with enough for 10 projects! LOL!

Typically I’ll go w/ a pattern in hand or knowing that I want to find a pattern for a shawl (for example) along w/ the yarn to make it. A lot of times while I’m at the LYS I’ll see other yarns that are really soft or very pretty colors or whatever and most of the time when I see them–they “spark” an idea of what they could be. W/ sock yarn, it’s easy–it’s either a baby project or a pair of socks and w/ everything else, usually the color or fiber or something will make me think it would make a good sweater or whatever. It’s really a big problem b/c I spend WAY too much money (b/c Lord knows you can’t like something and leave it in the store…if I like it, it MUST come home with me!!! LOL!!)