How Do You BO After Stitch Marker?

I’m a beginner and having trouble with a pattern for a doll robe. (“Bathtime Betsy” from the book “Fun to Knit Doll Clothes”)

It is St st with garter edges. I’m stuck on the section that shapes the right front neck & armhole.

Dec Row (rs): K to first marker ssk, k to second marker, turn
Work row in established pattern.
Rep Dec Row 3 times – 11 sts.
Work even until piece measures 11” ending with a wrong side row.
[B]Place 5 garter sts on holder, bind off remaining sts.

I’ve completed the steps up until the bold text and am not sure how to proceed. I’ve tried searching the forum, but I’m still confused as to how I bind off the rem sts after I’ve placed the ones with the working yarn on the stitch holder. (If I understand it correctly those st on the holder will later be joined to the collar from the left side.)

Sorry if this is too long, just trying to explain as best as I can.

Knit the 5sts before you put them on the holder. That way, the working yarn will be in the correct position to do the bind off sts.

Thanks, that makes sense, I was wondering if that’s what I should do.

One more question:
Could you tell me how I “join the yarn” to the next section after I bind off. Or is there a video for that some one could point me too?
All I can find seems to be about picking up stitches on the edge of a finished piece, but these stitches are still on the needle with no working tail.

Just take the end and start knitting, leave a tail long enough to weave in.