How do YOU block hats?

I just finished an Odessa hat in Cotton Fleece and it’s in desperate need of some blocking. I’ve only ever blocked flat items before. What do you do for your hats? I figured I could do it flat too, but I don’t know if that would look the best for the Odessa stitch pattern. Just curious on everyone’s opinions! :muah:

I use a styrofoam head (wig stand) that I bought from a beauty supply store.

I wish I had a head like that for hats. When I finished the last hat I made I was traveling for New Years so I had to improvise. I got it wet in a sink then streched it with my hands the way I wanted it. Then I left it to dry on the counter. I checked on it and moved it over a little whenever I walked by to help it dry faster. When it was less damp I tried it on.
I guess in general I block hats flat but as its drying rotate it so it doesn’t get a crease.