How do use those row counters?

I’m pretty new to knitting and I bought a pak of those little cylinder row counters. It says it if for size 6-10.5. How do you use them? :?? Do you connect them to your needles somehow? or is it something that just sits besides you and you have to put down your needles every row and click around one? It makes sense to me to connect to something but I can’t figure out how to do that. Anyone have these and know?

I have put them on the cord of my interchangeable circs before, just to make it convenient, but that wont work if you are knitting in the round. They are yours now, so Id say there are no rules…use them however you like!

well i haven’t used them or really even looked at them, but couldn’t they be used sort of like you would a row marker when knitting in the round? I have been working on a bag that is suppose to have 30 rows when i switch colors and i was thinking that if i had a row counter i could just pass it from one needle to the other and then i would actually remember to click it. do they not work like that? HOnestly i don’t think i would remember to click most of the time if it wasn’t hanging there.

I usually keep mine on one needle, and turn it 2 turns every other row (i.e. at the end of every knit row or the end of every purl row, when working in stockinette). I can’t be bothered to turn it every row. Heck, I tend to avoid projects that require counting, but that’s just me. :wink:

I don’t like those things :stuck_out_tongue: ; sorry :blush: don’t mean to rain on the parade. I got an electronic one from KnitPicks… :heart: :heart: it :smiley:
:oops: sorry, (hanging head)…sometimes I’m bad…
But I do love the electronic row counter :smiley:

I like the look of that electric one, too…Im just trying to find it on SALE!

Are you talking about something like this?

I haven’t use this kind of row counter, but I believe you slide it up to the knob-end of your needle before you cast on, and then you just click at the end of each row (or every other row like Julie said above).

I have one of these, and I just click it at the end of each row if I’m using a pattern with a lengthy repeat. Although, a lot of times, I just make a copy of my pattern & check off the rows as I go. Just depends on my mood, I guess!

:doh: Yes! after I started reading some of your post…the light bulb came on! I was trying to figure out how to put it on the nob in, not the pointed end! I husband just shook his head in disbelief and laughing at the same time that I didn’t think of that before :roflhard: Thanks ladies!

I have those for the end of your needle and I have the " clickable" one…
But Ya know what??
I never used them… maybe the clickie on once in the beginning of a pattern…
I still prefer the Old Pencil and Paper… Mark a line for each row 11111


I find myself preferring the tally mark method, too. I do like the clickie thing for the dishcloth patterns I have, though, as long as the neighborhood children don’t come in and play with it and put me on the wrong row. :doh:

LOL… yes… That would put you off course now wouldn’t it… Having the kids cjange your clicker
I just finished the front and back of a sweater which I used the Mark method thru the whole sweater because I did not want to loose count of the pattern… That part is done and now I just picked up for the sleeves which are just k2 p2 all the way!!!

Somewhere earlier there was a post about using stitch counters on circs. I saw in a recent Webs catalog that they have a counter that is attached to a ring to go around the needle and hang off. I thought that was a clever idea.

I just saw one of those, too, Ingrid. I think I saw it online @ Joann’s web site. Pretty cool; I wonder if it’s as practical to use as it it seems.

It certainly would be easier than the one that slides on the needle. If I have to count, though, I usually use a pencil, or just count the knitting. If I have to remember to cable, I keep a stitch marker on the needle and move it down a stitch each row so I know that when it has, say, six stitches from the beginning-of-the-row marker I should cable. I started this when I was knitting while sitting at the hospital and had neither pencil nor counter. I have so many WIPs I’d have to buy counters by the gross!

I have one of those hangy row couonters super cheap here I use it for flat and circular knitting. I also have a beYOOtiful row counting bracelet I made :slight_smile: A picture of the new prettier pink one is below, and there’s pics of the first green/yellow one I made here on my blog… I didn’t like the wire I used for that one, so I made another until I have time to take that one apart (this one is strechy clear elastic which I like better). My blog also has ridiculously detailed instructions on how to use it :slight_smile: (hint hint look at my blog :slight_smile: )

I made 2 others for some friends, (I should have taken pictures) and they LOVED them. Very stylish, AND you don’t have to worry about your kids messing with your counter, or your cats stealing them (like mine do)

**edit at 11:21pm CT… see in the top picture is my hangy counter, in the background!! And it is very useful I use it all the time. … it’s not quite as convenient for straight knitting, because it only goes on one needle, but it’s GREAT for knitting in the round. :heart: it!
and ignore my dirty toe in the pictures! :oops:[/size]

Do ya mean THIS dirty toe???

Ah ha! She got ya’, Hilde!!

Kelly: You need to put hair on it.

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Hilde I must say that I really love your bracelet counter! Now I want one lol. Very nice!

Am I to assume that pic is of KellyK? lol

Hildie: I really like your counter bracelets :heart: and I’m now in my head constructing my own already :smiley:
I’d have to wait untill I’ve either moved or found the beadstash at my parentshouse though to actually make it, but just to have the idea clear: the small elastic circle that you push the counting-beads through, is it simply a tiny elastic band that you’ve put around the 3 longer stands and can move around and up and down freely? or is it in some way attached to the other strands aswell?