How do u read this??

*K1,P1; Rep from * 5 times

How many stitches would u say this is?? I (normally) would read this as 12 sts. According to the pattern I’m using, this is 10 sts.

I’m wondering WHY or HOW?? I mean, you k1 then p1 and then repeat 5 times, to equal 12. Right?? Or am I just spending too much time on picky details???

Any thoughts??

This is an imprecise direction that often causes problems. It’s so helpful when a pattern says 5 times total or 4 times more. Although some parts of patterns have been standardized, there’s not a generally accepted code.

It IS confusing!! Even if they said something like “Seed st for 10 sts” so we’d know exactly what they’re talking about!!

I was able to finally figure out how many they meant, but this pattern is in a beginners knitting book and it would be helpful for beginners if instructions are clear!!!

I sometimes think “beginner’s” books and “easy” patterns are the worst.

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Not “easy” at all!!!


I would say 12, but if it says 10 just do ten.