How do I

Promote my blog more? Tips please! Cos I only have like 6 followers

Honestly I don’t know. I rarely read blogs myself. I am busy enough with KH and Ravelry. If I have a question or want to share I generally do it here.

Can I ask why it matters? I mean why do you need people to follow? Isn’t the point of it isn’t it to use as sort of an online diary?

I have a blog thread here. I use it for myself, for finding things if I actually remember to look there. If someone else finds it useful, great and if not, that’s OK too. I’ve never understood blogging really. The Tech Knitter blog has a lot of useful info and I go there to find things when I need them but to follow it? No. Sorry I can’t be helpful.

I love that blog - Tech Knitter

I followed your blog. I think you need to advertise a bit more. Do you have Facebook or some other Social Media Site?

My Blog is:

I don’t blog much but it’s mostly for my business.

yeah I know I need to advertise it more thats why I asked
What did you think of my blog then? I use twitter. hardly use facebook much - plus I dont want to promote it whilst doing the baby blanket for my friend cos shes on there - would kinda ruin the surprise wouldnt it?

Yeah I would not blog about the blanket either :slight_smile:
I liked your blog :thumbsup: I hope your taking pictures of the progress of the blanket. So you can write about it after you give it to her. I would love to see it.

I use twitter all the time. I have it linked to my facebook page so that whenever I post something on Facebook it gets tweeted too. I have a small shop on Etsy that I am trying to advertise that is why my blog sucks :slight_smile:

Liked…meaning past tense
.meaning you’re not following it anymore? sob LOL

um…no pics…although I prob should eh? LOL!

I meant to write I like your blog not liked :teehee:
Yeah I would definitely take pictures.