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I an fairly new to knitting and I am knitting a dishcloth with 2 colors. The color is intermingled with the pattern.I have read up on how to do the carrying of the yarn on one side but can’t figure out how to carry the yarn after turning so that the carried yarn is on the same side. Is there any videos that discusses this area? Thanks Margie:knitting:

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘carried on the same side’. :??

I am under the assumption that when you knit with 2 colors you want the carried yarn loops to be on the wrong side of your items. When I knit one row I twist the stands and my carried yarn is on the wrong side. When I finish that row and turn it, the instructions said to do the same on this row as the previous one. If I do that, I will have the carried yarn loops on the right side. How would I turn it and carry the yarn? Thank you for your help. Margie:yay: :thumbsup:

If you’re purling on the way back, then the yarn would be carried along the front (which, on the purl side, would be the wrong side facing you).

If you’re knitting on the way back, then you’ll have to bring the carried yarn to the front and then bring the yarn in use to the back and knit the next stitch(es). Then you’d bring that to the front and the next yarn to the back.

Does that answer your question?

Do you have a link/picture to/of the pattern?

Usually you knit 2 rows with one color, then switch, so you’re always changing color on one edge.