How do I?

I have a fairly simple pattern that I would love to try. But, at the very beginning it says to cast on 6 sts, and knit the first row. This is fine. but, for row two I am supposed to change yarn color and it reads…[k1,p1] in each st. across. (12 sts).
I am unclear on how to do this step. Can anyone advise? Sorry if this sounds simple to everyone. I am a beginner. :doh:

To knit and purl in the same stitch, knit as normal, but don’t slide it off. Move your yarn to the front between the two needles and then purl in the same stitch that’s still on the left needle, then slide it off. You’ll have two stitches where you had one.

Thanks so much! I think I got it! It seems to be working. I appreciate the help.