How do I work a T-inc (twistd increase)

I picked up the “Tulle Lace Baby Blanket” pattern from my LYS (A Stitch In Time) and it uses a T-inc quite extensively. Thankfully (or so i thought) they explain how to work it.

[B]T-inc[/B] (twisted increase): Knit into the back of the next st, leaving it on the left needle, then purl into the same stitch and remove from needle.

So I have been playing with this T-inc trying to figure out what it is they expect me do to, and this is what i have come up with.

Insert needle into the back of the st knit-wise, wrap and pull yarn through stitch with out removing it from the needle. Then bring the working yarn to the front, between the needles. Then Insert needle into the same st purl-wise, wrap and pull yarn through stitch and remove it from needle.

Does this sound right to anybody if so or if not please let me know.
As always ThanX for all the help.

That’s how I read it, too.

It’s like a knit front and back, only you knit into the back of the st first, then purl into the front to make it twisted. And yep, it sounds like you have it right.

ok ok
ive never done a knit and a purl into the same st and my major confusion is do you still relocate the working strand between the knit at purl sts like you normaly would with normal knitting
is that the norm for knitting and purling in the same sts for instance like a purl knit purl in the same sts in most cases??
ThanX for the help as always

Yes, you move the yarn between the needles, never over (unless the pattern says to) so you can work the front and back legs of the st on the left needle as for a knit or a purl. And I guess it’s normal, though this inc is a little different and isn’t used much.

ThanX for all the help guys.