How do I weave in ends on this pattern?

I’m knitting this purl shawl and it is very open. How do I go about knitting in the ends with the work so open?

I would weave it in n out on the bind off or the cast on edge there. Or even you could just incorporate it into one of the tassels.:thumbsup:

Someone told me that when it is time to knit in a new skein, start in the middle of the project, knit the new yarn (leaving a long tail) and the old yarn together as one until the end of the row. Then, cut off the old yarn (leaving long tail). She said then when you turn your work, knit with both again in the opposite direction from the middle to the other end. She said that then I won’t have to weave in. Will this work? Anyone ever do this?

Sounds like it would make a lot of lumpy sts to me, but would probably work.

That’s what I thought too. Any suggestions? It was suggested earlier that I weave in on the sides into tassels, but the sides will become the top and bottom of the shawl when completed and there are no tassels on the top or bottom of the shawl, only the edges. Maybe I am misunderstanding. I’m really frustrated with this and want it to turn out nicely, but am completely puzzled as to what to do. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!