How do I unravel new yarn hanks?

Hello! Has anyone here ever figured out the trick to unraveling the new yarn that comes in long hanks? I recently got some BEAUTIFUL new sock yarn that was hand painted but when I went to unravel it it got all tangled :?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hanks of yarn have to be wound into balls. There are tools (a swift and ball winder) to do it, but they’re not essential.

Remember in old movies where the kid is sitting holding Grandma’s yarn as she winds it up? If you have a pair of hands you can borrow for a while, open the hank into a large circle, undo the strands that tie it together and have someone put their hands through and hold it taut while you wind a ball.

If you don’t have hands available, you can put it on a chair back or two, the end of a table, or even your own feet.

yep. i can see myself using a chair back or my own feet to hold the unwound hank. fortunately, i’m enough of an addict, i sprang for a swift and ballwinder.