How do I 'turn'?

Help! Can anyone please explain to me how to turn my work… the instructions read as so [B]‘1st row: (k2tog) twice, P9, turn. 2nd row: slip 1st st P wise, then knit to end’[/B] I don’t know how to turn or slip. Please help… i’m stuck! Thanks in advance!!:slight_smile:

:thumbsup: To slip a stitch purl wise (pwise) you will enter your needle into the stitch just like you were going to purl but instead just slip that stitch off and place on your right needle…To turn your work, you do just that when you get that part just turn your knitting around. You are working short rows right now…

Amy’s has a videoon how to work a sock’s heel and it shows you how to turn and work :thumbsup:

wow, thank you dustinac!! That was so useful. I love you and I love this website!!! :cheering:

Your welcome!! This site is wonderful if you ever have a question just ask :happydance: