How do I "turn" and what does it mean

:?? I am literally a new self taught knitter, well not really, got my lessons fromKnitting :happydance: ,done well so far. Now I have dish cloth pattern I’m trying to do and I :wall: . It is a basketweave pattern and this is where I get lost. The pattern says knit 8,slip 2, knit 4 turn.I can do all of it except turn. Its probably simple ( I hope) please HELP. Please feel free to email me also with the answer.

It literally means to turn the peice of knitting around in other words flip it to the other side, and knit. Hope that makes sense? When I first made socks, it freaked me out too, I didnt know what to do.

When you’ve knit one row all your stitches will have moved from your left needle to the right. To ‘turn’ your work you will put the needle with the stitches into your left hand and start on the next row, (this is all assuming you are right-handed and knitting ‘English’ style as opposed to ‘Continental’)! :wink:

Thanks I knew it would probably be simple, must be old timers disease lol. .If for some reason this wanna be great knitter cant do it. You will hear from me again. :rofl:

Thanks. I’m gonna try it. Lets pray it works. It’s got to, I cant let this deter me . Im smarter than that ,right?

I hope it finally clicks with you :slight_smile: :hug: