How Do I Translate a LOOM-KNIT Item to Knitting?

I posted this for some slippers I am wanting to make by end of this weekend!

:tap:BUT, it’s a “loom-knit” item, and I REALLY like the look of the slippers.

Does anyone know how to translate it to just plain knitting? Or have a link to a similar one?

The pattern is for Lion Brand’s KB-Cabin Slippers:

If you find/receive pattern for the pix you posted, I would LOVE a copy.

That said, while not exactly like what you are seeking, the following is a link so some felted slippers I had found and bookmarked to possibly attempt at some point. Maybe these directions can help?

Happy Knitting.

Thanks! Those are pretty cute! I think I"ll make it. But I STILL want to find out how to transfer the LB one to knitting. I will post here if I find out.

She linked to the pattern in her post, but it’s a LOOM pattern.

I’m not sure you can easily translate to a regular knitting pattern, Lu. :shrug: