How do I tie a yarn ball?

I want to stop this ball of yarn from rolling around and stuff so when I drop it on my toes it doesn’t go everywhere and make a mess, thank you. Sincerely, Carolyn Joann Sue.

Hi carol
Me and my husband have been wondering how to resolve this issue as well. cheers.

Oh yes, it’s very confusing and has always been a mystery to me!

If you’re pulling from the outside of the ball that can happen. I usually just leave the yarn in my knitting bag, but a lot of people use a yarn bowl when they have this problem. A yarn bowl is usually made of ceramic or wood or even sometimes plastic. It helps if they are somewhat heavy I think, but not all of them are. Here’s an example.

You can even make your own from food storage containers or even a bag. Someone may suggest a center pull ball or cake. These are good until they start to collapse when there’s no center left. I usually only pull from the outside now.

Thank you Jan, you have been very helpful.
Sincerely, Carolyn Joann Sue

I can still remember my Grandmother using a green plastic bowl made by Tupperware. It had a mesh or lattice snap-on lid. She would place the ball of yarn in the bowl with the yarn threaded out the top through the lid. She would also use it when she made mittens with two colours. How she kept the two balls from spinning around inside the bowl and tangling is beyond me.
I have used a bucket that is deep enough that the yarn cannot jump out. I also use a bucket when I am working with a large ball of crochet cotton.
I have a very old lamp frame that looks like a piece of twisted wrought iron with a fancy arm at the top. The wiring has been gone for years. I thread the crochet cotton or yarn from the bucket that is sitting at the end of the couch up and over the arm of the lamp frame that I have tucked between the couch and the wall. This works very well when I am sitting on the couch. I pull the thread/yarn down from the lamp frame and it feeds from the ball that cannot leave the bucket that is on the floor.
I am not sure if a newer lamp with the swing arm would work. The yarn might get caught in the hinge unless you wrapped that area with tape… Keep your eyes open for an old lamp. I was very lucky to get mine from a friend who was going to throw it out.
I hope this has been helpful. Good luck.

When I was a child, my mother had one of these Paton’s Beehives - I still have it but find it doesn’t work so well with the modern looser balls. Those were the days of child victims holding the skein of wool over outstretched hands while the grown-up wound it off into a ball.wool holder

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