How do I take out multiple rows of stockinette?

I’ve only knitted a few things & am now knitting a sweater for my daughter, using very expensive yarn. I read the directions wrong, and in knitting the back I looked at the cm measurement, rather than the inch measurement. So I’ve knitted approx. 8 inches too much! (It was looking like a really looooooooong sweater!!) How do I take out the rows I’ve knitted, without having to go one stitch at a time, but without losing any stitches? Thanks for your help!

Stitches don’t drop as easily as you think they do. I rip out to the row above where a mistake is, in your case, you probably want to go back a couple more rows to reknit to the correct length. Then I put the sts on the needle as I pull the yarn out of the sts in that last row. Don’t worry if they go on the needles twisted, you can reset them as you come to them when you reknit that row. The important thing is to get them back on the needle. The Tips page has a video on this under Fixing mistakes.

Yes, go to the fixing mistakes section like Sue said and find the destination row. That will make it less painful and you’ll be less likely to lose any stitches.

Thanks so much for this post! I’m working on an Oddball Pet Snuggle and realized about 3 rows in, that I’d made a mistake. (I’ve never really “frogged” knitting before, just started over, b/c I was too afraid to have dropped stitches!)

I was working on it on my lunch hour, and I did it exactly as you described! Took me a little while, but I got it. I think I was as proud of my frogging as I was at learning to knit on circs.

(Incidentally, frogging is much, much, MUCH simpler in crocheting.)

Thanks again!

Thanks so much for replying to my question. You’ve eased my anxiety!