How do I stop this habit

I am new to knitting ( self teaching) and very new to this forum. I notice on my left index finger, the tip is kind of tender due to the fact I push the right needle after I do a knit stitch through the stitch and off the left needle. shouldn’t it just slide off on its own without the added help of my left finger? is my tension not loose enough to do this automatically or is it just a beginner thing that I have to over come by relaxing a bit and just let it go on its own? I have been working on loosening the “death” grip of the left needle and that seems to help, but then the next stitch I am right back to pushing the needle :pensive: Just would like some tips on how to stop this and your experience when you were a beginner. I do enjoy knitting. I am not very fast but have gotten 4" done on a bag I am doing in garter stitch. I speak fluent crochet, but would like to knit and become fluent in knitting. Thank you for the help.

Maybe you are knitting to tight, the stitches should come off easily.

Thank you. That is what I am thinking too. I am going to try to loosen it up.

The more you knit and the more confident you become, the more relaxed you’ll be. Your gauge will be more even and slightly looser and your stitches will slide. You sound as i it’s going pretty well already :slightly_smiling_face:

I am enjoying my lessons. I don’t even mind reminding myself to relax. I did notice I am holding my left hand too close to the end of the needle. I will be working on that tomorrow as well. Thank you for the tips. Sometimes it’s good assurance that you are on the right track :slight_smile:

I use my left index finger to hold the stitch while I pull the new stitch through and then push the old stitch off the left needle. Everyone has their own way of knitting. You have to find what works best for you.

I agree with having to find ones own groove. I didn’t think to guide the stitch off the needle vs. Pushing needle out. I will try that too. I think I jist might be able to do that as it makes since to my brain.

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Agree with the others. It just takes time and practice. When I got new circular needles that were more pointy than my previous ones I found that this happened. I just had to get used to them and learned not to push on the tip so much.

I was just the same way 3-4 months ago. I have learned to relax. I hold the top stitch on my left needle with my index finger so it won’t slip off. If you can do that along with having the stitches behind that that stitch gathered up in your left palm it will help alot. It will make it where you won’t have to touch the tip of the needle near as much and your stitches will end up flowing right along the needle :grinning:

Thank you all very much. I read your replies. They boostedmy confidence and I have found my groove with no sore finger tips. I was holding my fingers too close the end. Mistake #1. I was forcing my fingers to do the work instead of the needles. Mistake #2. I lightly hold stitches on left needle until the stitch is ready to slide off all on its own. Then I just let it go and move onto the next stitch. Just by changing these things I am able to knit more comfortably and pain free. I think I am knitting faster as well. My tension and consistency is very good. I am happy with that part.

Have a great knitting day. I know I am going to.

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I’ve been knitting for awhile but still consider myself to be a beginner or a slow learner. But I was trying to see what you meant in your post so I knitted a few stitches to find out. You can slip the yarn off the left needle with very little index finger pressure if you are also pushing with your left thumb. Also, I would advise using metal/aluminum needles because the yarn will slip off easier than the other types.

Don’t worry too much about tight stitches and being tense. Those things will gradually go away. Good luck!

Thank you for the help. I do use aluminum needles. I was using my fingers to push yarn on and off the needles as well as holding it too closely to the tip of the needles. When I moved my left index finger back some( where the rounder part of the needle starts to taper to the point) the stitches glide off like they should. I just had to get my fingers back.

When I write, I hold the pencil down at the tip as well. Guess I carried that habit into knitting. I do the same thing when I sew with needle and thread. Right at the point is where I hold the needle and when it goes through that’s when I push the eye of the needle through. I don’t hold it in the middle.

I knitted 2 or so inches ( size 6 needles) yesterday and was super excited that I didn’t have sore or tender fingers and my consistency was awesome.

You have been such a big help. The tips and encouragement is a blessing. Thank you

Glad you got it all sorted out.