How do I start sleeve on a baby dress

I am a beginner. This is my fist knitting project ever. The pattern book I am suing is Leisure Arts Special baby Outfits. I am making lil angel. I am to the sleeve and I am not sure how to start. I am not sure how I pick up the stiches. I kknow how to do it. But not sure where to start. Do I start with the front or the back and do I start from the top at the shoulder or the bottom by where the skirt is? Please help!

How is it made, do you have a link to a picture? Can you post just the rows about the sleeves? It may be you ‘pick them up’ from sts already on holders.

I have attached the patteren

It didn’t come through and doing the entire pattern is not legal. You may only write out the rows pertaining to your problem.

Sorry I am trying to upload the patteren but it keeps telling me the file to to big

Sleeve With right side facing and using larger size needles. Pick up 63 sts evenly spaced across Front and Back Yoke.

Okay, that is basic. But how did you make it? Top down, bottom up, in pieces and sewn together - please explain it a little. And have you looked at the video for picking up sts?

It does not tell me. I know how to pick up the sts. I don’t know where to start. It doesn’t say if you start at the top or the bottom it says Row 1-7 Beginnging with a pearl row, work in stockinette stitch.

I did the dress in two seperate pieces. I did the Front and then I did the back. I have done the seam for the shoulder already. I hope this helps. I am sorry if I am not explaing this very well. This is my first time Knitting.

I meant was the dress knit from the top or bottom. So you have the front and back sewn together at the shoulders now. I would pick up the sts from around the armhole. It would help if there was a picture. I found ‘angel dress’ from a couple of LA booklets, but not sure if they’re the one you have. What’s the number of the book?

The number of the book I have is 2329.
When I started knitting the dress I started from the bottom and worked my way up. I know where the arm hole is do I start picking up my sts on the front and work my way around and end on the back yoke?

I know where the arm hole is do I start picking up my sts on the front and work my way around and end on the back yoke?

Yes. That book is one that I found so I saw a picture of it, though not in great detail.

Thank you so much for your help!

I would like to watch the video on picking up stiches what would that be under in the vides section?

Try the Advanced Techniques page - I think it’s the video about working the heel of a sock. That should include picking up stitches.