How do I slip stitches onto another needle?

Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting, and am attempting my first sweater. It’s going well so far, but I’m about to run into my first hurdle! The instructions say;BO 1st st, work in pattern to side “seam” marker. Remover marker and place last 77 sts of round on spare needle for upper back.

Upper front will now be worked back and forth in rows.

My main question is HOW do I place the last 77 sts on a spare needle?? Do I just slip them off one needle onto another or do I work them onto the spare needle??

There’s another big hurdle after that, lol, but this is the first :slight_smile:
Here’s a link (I hope) to my sweater.


You just slip them off needle tip to needle tip (purl wise). Or you can slip them to waste yarn which is what I usually do because they are easier to knit around. To do that you put a piece of lighter weight, smooth yarn on a yarn needle and thread it through the stitches and then take them off the needles. I tie the ends of the waste yarn together to prevent it slipping out.

Just slide the sts onto another needle. I prefer using another circ for this; it’s less fiddly than threading scrap yarn through the sts, then you can knit right off the needle when you need to work those sts again.

I use an extra circular too. If I can do it, I knit the stitches off onto the needle; otherwise, they get slid onto it.