How do i slip stitch with prov. cast on?

hi there, it’s been awhile since i’ve been here and i could use some help again :aww: I am making a cowl and it starts with a provisional cast on. Then rows 1-10 start with a slipped stitch. The method of prov. cast on doesn’t seem to allow that. Will i have to switch to the crochet type prov. cast on? Thank you for your help and suggestions!

If there’s a problem, it would only be with that first st in row 1. You could knit the first st and then slip the first st in rows 2-10. The crocheted cast on is certainly an alternative, if you don’t want to try this.

Just don’t slip the stitch on the first row. Even with a regular cast on I’ve read to skip it on the first row.

Thank you for your suggestion! And it won’t really affect the pattern i guess with just skipping the one slip right?

I doubt it. What is it you’re making? Can you post a link to it?

It is a cowl. I’m not sure how to do a link,… it is from and it’s called the burberry inspired cowl neck scarf. I probably did the link wrong but hope you can still find it! Thanks again!

Oooh, nice. This knit on row 1, the first st is never going to show. especially with those lovely loopy cables. Great pattern and perfect links.

Lol…thank you. Isn’t it awesome, I hope mine comes out right. Thank you so much!!

Oh yes, it’ll never show and will be just fine. You don’t really have to slip the edge stitch even if the pattern says to. Mine come out looser and sloppy if I do, so I just work the first stitch, pull the yarn a little bit, do the next couple sts a bit tighter and the edges come out nice and even.

okay, yeah I started knitting it from the cast on but it is coming out really horrible lol… one video i saw said that with this cast on every other stitch is going to be twisted so i need to fix them or knit them from the back. is that why it’s coming out like this? the stitches didn’t look like they were twisted but my knitting looks like something is wrong!

What cast on are you using? Take a look at the provisional on the Cast On page under Free Videos at the top of the page. Or use the crochet cast on.