How do I sl1, kwise wyib, k8 w&t?

I am soo lost on how to do this I have looked everywhere I am trying to make a scarf for a friend and I do not know how to do this can anyone help me ?? :thinking: :XX:

pattern says sl1 kwise wyib, k8 w&t, purl to end.

then it also says (kwtog) what is this ??

thank you for looking and helping me

sl1 kwise = slip 1 knitwise or slip 1 as if to knit (Amy has videos of this). It’s as it sounds, slip 1 st from the left needle to the right needle without actually knitting it.

wyib = with yarn held in the back of the work

k8 = knit 8 stitches

w&t = :?? I’ve never seen this command before.

purl to end = purl the rest of the row.

kwtog = :?? I haven’t seen this command before either, but I have seen “k2tog”, which means “knit 2 together”. (Amy has videos on this too :wink: ).

Hope that helps a little …

yeah…Im confoozled about all that W & T business, too! :??

I’m stumped on those! but I just wanted to say thar I feel much better about my knitting skills now that EKG didn’t know all the answers either :eyebrow:

well I understand this pattern alittle better… The (kwtog) it says in my pattern book Insert tip of right needle under the wrap as if to knit, then wrapped stitch, and both loops together ( the wrap and the stitch)

Now this is where I am lost in the pattern can anyone help me thank you for all the help that I have gotten

Jenifer :thinking:

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WTF? :?? Okay … ok ok … “insert right needle under the wrap” … Um … what wrap? :oops:

Then wrap st and drop both loops from left needle. This st sounds vaguely familiar! It sounds like they might mean for you to knit the BAR and NEXT ST together.

(I circled the BAR in the pic below. :wink: It’s Amy’s pic … I hope she doesn’t mind my using it… ) :thinking:

So basically put the bar on the needle as if it were a stitch and then knit it with the next st. I’m just guessing though; I could certainly be way off base. :??

W&T means wrap and turn… here’s how you do it:
slip the next stitch pwise wyib (pearlwise; with yarn in back)
yfwd (bring the yarn forward)
slip the stitch you just slipped BACK OVER to the L needle
ybk (bring the yarn to the back, completing the “wrap”)
TURN the work, like at the end of a row

So for this pattern, you will
slip 1 stitch knitwise with yarn in back (like normal)
knit 8
WRAP around the next stitch and TURN the work
Purl 8 across (these are the 8 knits you just did)

The W&T is use for short-rows, and allows you to add extra rows in the middle of a piece: If J’Lo was knitting a bikini, she might add some short rows to help make it long enough to go around her booty.

If you just turn w/o wrapping, you’ll still have short rows, but you will have a gigantic hole in your work. (and then the booty comes out, yikes! :shock:) Amy has a video and picture in the advanced techniques section, under “short rows with wrap”

does this mean i know all the answers? yay!

sorry i didn’t pay close attention to this before…

Okay, I’m assuming that this is after you do the purling, right??? So when you come to that stitch you wrapped, you’ll notice that #1 after the purling, their are 2 extra rows on your RH needle (there should be anyway!) , and #2, the first stitch on the LH needle has a funky loop around it (that’s the wrap)… So stitck your needle in the stitch and the funky-loop wrap and knit them together; the k2tog is usually a decrease, but it doesn’t work that way here, b/c the wrap isn’t a stitch.

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Jen and I talked on Im for a bit, and we thought that doing the "knit wrapped stitch and wrap together: was easier doing it this way: take the stitch that is wrapped, and slip it to the right needle pwise w/o making a stitch (keep the yarn in back)… then, put the tip of the LEFT needle in the wrap and lift it onto the L needle. Then, slip the stitch from the R needle BACK to the left needle… then you’re going to knit those 2 together: put your needle into both at the same time (knitwise) and then make the knit stitch as usual

Jennifer tried it ans said that it worked and didn’t make a hole int he work. SO, fyi, if we ever come across this wierdness again.

I am so happy you answered the KWTOG question. I thought I may have to pull out my hair, run down the street with yarn flying all about !

thank you

Yes, indeed BRILLIANT and hilarious, too! :teehee: Love your great sense of humor!