How do I sew together?

Hi there,

I’m a beginner and I’ve knitted a simple tank dress for my toddler. I’m ready to sew the two pieces together, but I’m having trouble understanding the instructions in the book I have. Are there any resources here or from other sources, maybe with a video? I looked in the Basic Techniques section but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Thanks for any help!

Yes, look under “Basic Techniques” then go to the bottom of that list and click “More”. When you get to the page it brings up scroll down to “Finishing”. You probably want “Mattress Stitch”. I haven’t looked at what Amy has done with this (I have very slow dial up connection, and it takes forever to bring in a 3 minute video, so have only looked at a couple.), but most of her videos are very good.

If you need more help, you might try a Google search for “Mattress Stitch How” or something like that. It’s not that hard, but you need good help to get started.

they have pdf tutorial for knitting…may be you can find what you’re looking for there…
i learned to sew knitting pieces from there…but more sources better…