How do I seam underarm of Yankee Knitter raglan?

I just finished my first size 1 Yankee Knitter raglan. I had no problem seaming it until I got to the underarm. I ended up doing a very junky seaming job as I couldn’t figure out how to do it properly. I would appreciate any tips/insights, as I plan on knitting another one. I also found that I didn’t have the right amount of stitches to pick up around the collar (it said to pick up 11, but I could only find 9 stitches to pick up). I feel a bit deflated as I understand this is the easiest sweater ever to knit. It looks OK, but I’d really like to do a proper job next time. What do people do once they’ve seamed the sleeves and sides and it’s time to seam the underarm? I just couldn’t figure out how to seam all the way around.

Thanks so much!

I haven’t done this sweater. What do you end up with at the armhole? Do you have any live stitches that you could do a 3 needle bind off with or graft them? If you have horizontal stitches (sort of like the top of shouders) sew them like you would a shoulder seam.

On the neck, you are probably fine with the 9 stitches, but if you want 11 just squeeze them in. Doing 2 in exactly the same spot doesn’t work very well but you can do them between stitches. Unless the neck turns out too small with the 9 there is no reason not to be happy with 9.

Is this knit seamlessly and you only have the underarm sts to seam, or are the sleeves knit separately and you sew them to the body?

If it’s seamless, you would just use the mattress st to sew the body and sleeve underarm sts together, or if you don’t bind them off, then graft them or use a 3 needle BO.

If the sleeves are done separately, then sew the sleeves to the body first before you do the side and sleeve seams and the underam sts from the body and sleeves should fit in together well that way.