How do I seam a rib pattern (k2, p2)

Please help. I can knit okay, but keep having a problem when it comes to hooking things together (any kind of seam). In this particular case I am trying to seam up a k2, p2 (rib, right?) hat pattern. I have tried many methods always ending up with being able to see where it was connected. What is the best method to use and how do I do it? Thank you for your help.

Usually you’d use a mattress stitch seam. It’s the most invisible. No seam is completely invisible though which is why many people prefer seamless hats.

Scroll down to finishing techniques.

More help here:

I always split the pattern so it starts and ends with a purl, so when I seam, it’s in the background, but it’s too late for that on your project.
If you can’t hide the seam to your satisfaction, how about turning it into a design element. Somewhere on this forum somebody talked about using a nice crochet stitch to fasten two pieces of knitting together. You might look into that.

Thank you for answering me. I have tried the mattress seam by working underneath of the right side. It is probably the best I have had yet. :slight_smile: