How do I S1?

I am making a hat and have come to a point that calls for S1 K2 P to last three stitches K3. I understand the pattern except how to S1. Im thinking I just slip a stitch from my left needle on to the right without knitting it, but don’t want to do anything until I know for sure. Thank you for your help.

Yes, S1 = Slip 1. Slip purlwise (insert needle as if you were making a purl stitch, remove stitch from needle) with yarn in back.

You’re right! Keeping the yarn in back stick the right needle into the stitch as though you were going to purl it and just move it over to the needle without knitting it. That is the way I’d do it unless it gives you a special note somewhere on the pattern to do it a different way. Look for one and if not try that.

Thanks to you, i hope to finish this project today. This site is great, you knitters are the best