How do I rewind a new skein?

I just bought this yarn for a scarf,(total $28.60) and can’t even get the knot out of one of the skeins, nevermind figure out how to rewind it into a ball.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I usually end up cutting the knots and then get someone to hold it for you, or put it over the back of a chair and then wind by hand. You can get a yarn winder and a swift, but they cost money!

Drape the hank on the lampshade of a LARGE lamp. Make sure it can spin freely. Grab one of the hank ends (usually the one on the outside will be easier to find)…when you snip the knot you can tell by the tension that it’s connected… and start winding. (If you place the lamp on the floor you can stand above it.) Otherwise, as noted, you can use back or legs of chair, another person’s hands, your feet or knees, etc.

Lampshade in use, as per above. I sometimes use this when recycling.

There’s a nice video here that Amy did on winding a center-pull ball by hand.

Thank you, gals! Amy’s video is very good. Her hands move so fast they are a blur on my screen. It’s easy to understand though. What a helpful site this is!

I will post pics of the scarf as I go along. Tomorrow is ‘Lady’s knitting meet’ at a neighbour’s, so I’ll get started then, after I wind the skeins tonight.

I got this much done so far, and it’s halfway, cuz the stiped Merino yarn is half gone. I like it, very soft, very quick to knit on 7.5mm needles, holding two dift yarns at once.