How do I reverse the purl stitches that I just did?

I purled about ten stitches and they have been transferred from my left hand needle to the right hand. I want to reverse this action and place them back on my left hand needle so that everything is as it was before. How do I do this? Do I slip them knitwise using my left hand needle or do I have to first “untwist” them somehow? I’m confused.

TIA for you help!

I think this is what you’re looking for.
Fixing Mistakes - Unknit (Tink)

you can’t just move them back and forth and suddenly a knit is a purl or vice-versa, not even if you twist stitches. then you’ll just end up with twisted purls.

sounds like you need to TINK/unknit those stitches, and get them back on the left hand needle to be worked as knits instead. is a good video showing how, but if you type in ‘unknit’ in google and choose the video tab, you’ll get a bunch of other tutorials as well. (don’t use ‘tink’ as a search term, you’ll get a ton of disney tinkerbell links.)

hope that helps!

Ahh, I got it! I did it! Yippeeeeee!!!