How do I reverse the pattern?

The pattern is a from a book printed in the 60’s. It’s for a baby bonnet knitted on straight needles. The hat is designed with a folded back “brim” or “cuff”, has eyelet row for a ribbon that goes from one side of the hat around the back of the neck to the other side and ties under the chin of the baby. The knitting pattern is simple: row 1: K 1, P1 across. Row 2 Purl across, Row 3: P1 ,K1, across, Row 4: purl across. Directions: Knit the pattern for 1.5 inches. (which makes the cuff/brim). Then the directions say to reverse the pattern and work even til the piece measures 5.5 inches. Where the pattern is supposed to reverse is where the brim folds back , meaning the wrong side of the brim will now be over the right side of the body of the bonnet. Now when they say to revers the pattern do they mean 1- reverse the stitches? (row 1 P1 K 1 Row 2 K) 2- reverse the rows? ( Knit row 4 first, then 3, then2, and 1) 3- Both? or 4- just work the pattern from the wrong side of the knitting making it now the front? ( and if that is the way, do I knit a row that helps the brim fold back? Thanks for your help!-

It seems to me that what the pattern wants is the RS to show on both hat and the brim when it is folded back. See if the photo looks like that is what’s happening.
If that’s the case, then you want to skip a row or add in an extra row so that you have the WS of the brim connecting to the RS of the hat.
Can you tell us the name of the pattern or give us a link to it?

That’s right, the right side of the brim shows as well as the right side of the hat. The book I’m using is Spinnerin volume 151 copyright 1964, pram set No 6130. I doubt it can be found on the internet, although it might be out there somewhere. Thanks for the idea. I’m guessing that’s the right thing to do… I knit one row of purling on the right side then began the pattern as written on the wrong side… I think it will be ok.

I’m glad salmonmac is so good at such things. I understood what was going on but couldn’t explain it. You might want an extra row for a turning row kind of like for doing a hem or something.