How do I resize photo's

I have posted photos on my blog and I don’t see where I can resize them to fit smaller. Can anyone help me out with this. My photos are coming out way to large for posting.

When you uploaded, in the reply box it says, ![ A line with the pictures name | some numbers like 500x462 ] You can adjust those numbers smaller.
A calculator helps to find the common denominator because you can adjust those numbers unevenly so it distorts the picture like this.


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That’s nice because it’s all in one place. I still use Resize2mail but you then have to save the resized photo to your computer.

I didn’t know you could do that! Cool!

I use photo software before I upload normally.

When I click the reply button to post a comment I can see above where I am posting a comment , a icon of a comment balloon , a capital B and an I then a link icon , and </> then a upload icon and when I click on the upload it takes me to Add an image
From my device Choose Files
select images from your device
From the web
(you can also drag & drop into the editor to upload them)
Upload cancel . There is no [ A line with the pictures name | some numbers like 500x462 ] where I can resize anything. I am not seeing this . But I do remember seeing it on the old form , before all the changes.

It’s down here where you type a reply. After you’ve uploaded.

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpSaAvFj I hope I did this right. I used Salmonmac’s resize link .

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Note that if you don’t like the numbers you changed it to they are available to change again when you edit.

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