How do I remove a long-tail cast-on?

Hi All,

I can’t find this online anywhere, so I guess nobody else has ever done this, LOL! :x:

I did a long-tail cast-on for my prayer shawl. Now I’d like to remove it and do a decorative cast-off.

How on earth do I go about removing a cast-on? I know it won’t just ravel out.

Also, does anyone have any knitted-on edgings?


Well, you’re right, it won’t unravel. You’ll have to cut a strand of the cast on the pick it out. Put the now exposed live stitches on a needle as you pick out the cast on. That’ll give you one fewer stitch than you cast on when you finish getting the loops on the needle and count sts.
Next time, try doing a provisional cast on instead of long tail. It’s made to easilly be removed and give you live stitches.
Here are 2 links to some lace edgings that can be attached to a finished project.

You may want to reconsider it and do a lace edging instead. This is knit as one strip and sewn along the edge when finished. It was my first lace project. It looks complicated, but it’s very easy. I placed this on an edge for a christening dress.