How do I recover a lost password?

Computer problems caused me to lose a bunch of passwords. I can’t find a way to recover my Knitting Help password. I sent an email through the “Contact Us” link but I have no patience. Somebody please help me.

GrumpyGramma aka GG masquerading as a newbie

Oh, GG, I missed you. I’ll email Sheldon and see if it helps. Hang on there. Help is on the way.

Thank you so much. I should have enough patience to wait until the email I sent can be answered. What can I say? I miss you and everyone else too. I’m finally starting Christmas PJs. Those darned kids just won’t decide that teenagers are too old for gramma PJs every year. :smiley:

I have the password on my tablet but it is a pain to use this way. If I could see my password on it I’d be good to go. I still have a bunch of them to reset. Syncing should do it but it’s all geek to me. Multiple IDs is probably frowned upon but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Unfortunately finding lost passwords is not one of my mad skills. Or I’ve forgotten how to do it. :?? :shrug:

Don’t worry about the extra ID. Once you get your PW back we can delete the extra one. :thumbsup:

I just sent an e-mail with a temporary password for you to get back in. We can’t get along without gg for too long:)

A thousand thank yous!:muah: May The Frog forget you exist. :slight_smile: