How do I read "Using Cable CO, CO 13 sts, knit across 12 CO sts, pm, knit to end-46 (50, 54) sts


I’m just learning to knit and I’m trying a pattern for a soft basket. I’m making the largest size. I’ve made the front and the next part of the pattern says:

Next Row (RS): "Using Cable CO, CO 13 sts, knit across 12 CO sts, pm, knit to end-46 (50, 54) sts

I’m having trouble deciphering what to do after I did the Cable CO of 13 sts…do I knit back across what I just started or am I now doing a different CO??


It sounds like you should still have 41sts from the front still on the needles. You take the needle with the sts in your left hand and cast on 13sts using the working yarn, then knit across 12 of those cast on sts, place a marker and continue knitting to the end (54sts)

What is the name of the pattern or can you post a link to the pattern?

Cast on 13 new sts, turn and knit 12 of them, place a marker and knit the 13th st and then the stitches you already had on the needle.

How do I put in a place marker?

This pattern is from the book more Last-minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson…it’s got a ton of really cute patterns!

Sound like something I could use.
A marker can be a purchased plastic or metal ring, a safety pin or as simple as a knoted circle of yarn. When you come the the spot for the marker, slip it over the right needle and go on to the next stitch. When you come to the marker on the next row, pass it from one needle to the other so that it stays in its place in your work (at least until the pattern tells you otherwise).