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Whew, if it wasn’t for this site I’d be so lost!

Well I’m at the point in my pattern where it says :
Row 5: K6, K2tog [K5, K2tog] around (note: you will include the first knit stitch of the next row in your final K2tog. From here on out, the final K2tog will end with the first stitch of the next row. (If this doesn’t make sense, please leave me a note in the comments and I will elaborate.)
Row 6: K5, K2tog [K4, K2tog] around
Row 7: K4, K2tog [K3, K2tog] around
Row 8: K3, K2tog [K2, K2tog] around
Row 9: K2, K2tog [K1, K2tog] around

<b> What does it mean by directions then the brackets? </b> Do I just ignore them and do the knit 6 k2tog k5 k2tog? I don’t know how to read then…any help?

The part inside the bracket [ ] is the part you repeat. For instance on row 5:

K6, K2tog [K5, K2tog] around

You begin by doing the K6, K2tog and all the rest of the way around you repeat [K5, K2tog].

OHHH ok! Thanks so much!!! You’re awesome!

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Luckygal813, that turned out very well. Thanks for the pictures.

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