How do I read this colorwork chart?

I’m knitting this skulls scarf and I’d just like to check how to read the chart properly. From right to left? left to right? bottom to top? top to bottom? etc…

I’m a little confused as to where I should start, and which way I should be holding it (lengthwise or widthwise)


ETA–I just noticed the “start here” note, my printer only printed half the chart and I had to redo it. So, now I know where to start and how to hold it I think. So I start on the top righthand corner and work left…then on row two would I start on the left and work right? This is knitted in the round if that makes a difference.

ETA again–heh ok, I now just realized that I should be holding the paper landscape style and the start is the bottom right corner. And I’ll assume I follow it like lacework (right to left, next row left to right, etc). Heh, I guess I’ve answered my own questions but I’d still love for someone to say “yup that’s it” or “hold your horses you silly goose!” and redirect me. Also…any tips on how to not get lost?

That sounds right. No tips on how to not get lost from me, though.

Since you’re knitting this in the round, you knit every row from right to left, starting in the lower right hand corner, holding the pattern turned the way you said.

A good way to keep track is to put a post-it note right above the row on which you’re working so you can see the row you’re doing and the previous ones for reference.

Thanks Ingrid!
I just got to a point in the pattern where knitting from right to left every row finally makes a difference and I took one look and said…uhhh, better check KH to see if I’m crazy!

I should work out that post it note system…this chart makes me dizzy to look at all at once!