How do i put wool markers in my knitting

im going to attempt the Marson watchcap pattern mentioned alsewhere on this page but am not sure what the wool markers are or who i put them in (or take them out for that matter).
please advise.

I’m not familiar with the pattern, but stitch markers are things you put on the needles between stitches to mark where you are - like to mark the point where you start a new repeat, or the point where you need to increase. You can buy jewellery-like beaded stitch markers, or use small O-rings, or cut tiny lengths of straws, or you can tie a short piece of wool in a different colour into loops and thread them onto the needles. Is it possible they could mean to do this last?


This is what it says in the pattern

''Row 43:

Put wool markers every 18 stitches, this is the start of the decreasing crown section. ‘’

i assume its just a case of tying a bit of wool around trhe needle inbetween the apropriate stitches.

[color=indigo]Yes, that’s one way. Or you can tie several and have them handy so when you get to where you need one, just pick it up and slip it on the left needle. Continue knitting. Other things that work are small cuts of a drinking straw, paper reinforcers, washers, o-rings, tiny rubber bands…anything round and relatively flat.[/color]

I think any marker would do.