How do I put in the color!

I really really really want to do this!! esp cause they give us backpacks for our laptops at univeristy…and they all look the same so I’d like to make a couple of those and put it on my backpack so it wont look like all the rest of them!

now my question is…how do I put in the white! for example in some parts I have to do only one stitch of the white yarn…how do i do that!!! I can’t just join a teeny bit of yarn in the middle of my background color!!:oo:

Amy has videos on Intarsia color knitting here. Hopefully that’ll help you :slight_smile:

For something that small you could do duplicate stitch, but you could also use stranded knitting (fair isle).

Check the links and see how it works for you.

thanks guys!:happydance:

I guess I can try both fair isle and duplicate stitch on this…cuz if i messed it up i wouldn’t really mind!

and It’s gonna be felted anyways so it should be fine!:yay:

I definately would not do stranded, because when you felt it, the strands of yarn that are left behind the work would felt differently and distort it. Do, instead, intarsia or duplicate stitch. I would do intarsia.

But, you could knit it with Armenian Knitting - where you “trap” the color not in use behind the main color, so you’re always carrying the color not in use. If you want to felt it, yould have to trap every other stitch, though.

Oooo good point!!

You can do stranded, you just have to snip the floats before you felt your piece. If you’re concerned about your stitches coming undone, just felt it a little bit, then take it out and snip the floats. I’ve done it on two different projects, here and here.

oh…I actually thought intarsia is the one where there r strands in the back…oops!:teehee:

guess I should’ve looked at the videos before assuming stuff…

well then thanks everybody!!

I’ll go watch the videos now!